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AA - Naila Issafeyr by ae-rie
AA - Naila Issafeyr

Name: Naila Issafeyr
Age: 29
Birthday: Day 12 of the Month of Sun, Year of Beginnings 8261 (July 12)
   Standard Zodiac: Caetus the Selkie
   Song-Lu Zodiac: Day 26 of the Month of the Snake, Year of the Lambent Crystal Silkworm
   True Animal: Salmon
   Secret Animal: Falcon
Gender: Female
Height: 5'9" | 175cm 
Race: Human

Class: Scout > Thief > Marauder
Occupation: Mercenary (Jewel Sea Corsairs)
City: Linhythe
Allegiance: Koben Empire


Bold | Distrustful | Realist | Wily | Resourceful | Defiant | Unyielding | Precise

Brash and assertive, Naila does not enjoy having situations forced onto her and instead likes to be in control. Though generally distrustful of others due to her line of work, wherein surviving takes priority over anything else, Naila isn't one to shy away from risktaking, reveling in the use of her own cunning and wit to outmaneuver people. Her somewhat fiery yet carefree exterior makes her well respected and liked among her peers. Those that have known her for longer however will also know that she isn't afraid to double cross someone if it meant her survival; knowing well that today's allies may be the enemy of tomorrow.

While still technically under the employment of others, Naila lives for the moment and values the freedom which her job brings, as well as enjoying the company of others (within arms-length) in the same line of work. There is also the money--- even if it is rarely gained through honest means. 

A passionate woman that cannot to be tied down, Naila believes in the joys that the present brings. This somewhat promiscuous behaviour however belies her distrustful nature and fear of being used by others, constantly telling herself that love is but a form of imprisonment, an extra burden and responsiblity.

Naila's swordsmanship combines honed techniques from her father's training along with her experience as a mercenary, leading to an impressive display of combat prowess and cunning to fell her foes.


Hailing from a long line of knights, Naila, along with her younger sister Shula, was trained from an early age in the hopes of carrying on the family legacy. A tomboy from the get go, Naila had always admired her father, a well respected commander in the Tusa National Army, and wanted nothing more than to follow in his footsteps. Driven by her passion for swordplay, Naila took her training very seriously, aspiring to one day succeed her father. Privileged with good education and training in warfare, both Naila and Shula grew up forming a sibling rivalry; never wanting to be outdone by the other. From early on, Naila displayed quick-thinking and wit to overcome her opponents, though she was prone to anger. Shula on the other hand showed unsurpassed talent in her swordplay, but lacks initiative.

By the time both girls reached their teens, Naila's father had come to favour Shula due to her prodigious talent with the blade and thus began focusing more on training Shula over her elder sister. Naila, no longer able to compete with her younger sibling began to neglect her training. She hung around unsavoury crowd and started committing petty crime as a way of causing trouble for her father. What started out as a plea for her father's attention became an exhilirating pastime for Naila as she reveled in the freedom that her newfound 'friends' had shown her. 

One day, Naila's father was alerted that his daughter had been caught for theft. Rushing to the sight of Naila's confinement was a father who's face was filled with utter shame and disappointment. Using his influence, Naila's father had her released into home confinement with guards posted outside of her room at all times. Isolated and abandoned, months passed by and on Naila's sixteenth birthday, her father finally decided to release her. While initially hopeful that her father had forgiven her, Naila was coldly met with news that her father had found a suitor for her and that she is to be wed within a fortnight. 

Feeling betrayed that she had not been given any choice in the matter, Naila ran from her home with only a sword in hand and some silvers. Knowing she had to leave Tusa to escape her father's reaches, she paid for a caravan setting out for Koben. Celebration for her freedom was brief, as she was now left wandering the streets of Koben on an empty stomach with no coins. She needed a way to survive. 

Thievery became her means of survival as she finds herself once again surrounded by people of ill repute, only this time, she would not be so trusting of the people she called 'friends'. Naila knew however that she did not want to live her whole life as a petty thief; brazenly sifting through the slums of Koben for what little she could get. She yearned for more. Happening upon a local tavern's board, she noticed a flyer mentioning mercenary work--- although hesitant at first, she knew this was better than anything else the slums could offer her. 

Initially taking on whatever work was available to her, she quickly garnered renown for being a competent fighter. By the age of twenty eight, Naila had built up a fearsome reputation as a mercenary. Known by others in her line of work for being both cunning and dangerously apt with her blades, Naila traveled wherever the gold was, completing contracts throughout the Empire with ruthless efficiency. Upon receiving payment for one such contract in Linhythe, she was scouted for a lucrative 'privateering' work with the Linhythe government as part of the Jewel Sea Corsairs. Though relatively new to the seafarer's life, she is currently acting as first mate aboard The Black Hound, a ship specializing in raiding merchant ships from the Kingdom.

Additional info: 

- The shady friends she made in Tusa deceived her during one of their theft runs; leaving her behind as a scapegoat, thus leading to her capture by the authorities. 
- A resourceful fighter, her combat style is reliant on misdirection as well as parries, ripostes and feints. Below the belt kicks are common.
- Names her current swords, the off-hand: Rose, her main hand: Twilight. Both stolen during a particularly high paying contract involving an arms merchant.
- Her sister Shula, is one year younger than her.
- While she accepts contracts that involve work in Tusa, she will try her best to keep a low profile during her stay there, occasionally coming across hearsays about her now renowned sister, Shula.
- She can speak fluent common and Vikasa.
- She became first mate on the ship she's currently on after the previous first mate provoked her --- prompting a duel that ended with the previous ship mate jumping off a plank. 
- She purchased a home in Linhythe shortly after choosing to join the Jewel Sea Corsairs. There she keeps a collection of swords she's pilfered from various contracts.


Montolio Issafeyr (52) - Father
Ayla Issafeyr (49) - Mother
Shula Issafeyr (28) - Sister

RP Preference: Skype, Forum, Google Docs
AA: Valardan Orvir by ae-rie
AA: Valardan Orvir

Name: Valardan "Vale" Orvir, Childhood name: Calanon
Age: 184 (Appears roughly in his late 20s)
Birthday: Day 10 of the Month of Seeds, Year of Coins (8106)
   Standard Zodiac: Ursus the Bear    
   Song-Lu Zodiac: Day 27 of the Month of the Bee, Year of the Incandescent Amber Cat
   True Animal: Cat
   Secret Animal: Falcon
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1" | 185cm 
Race: Dark Elf

Class: Fighter > Disciple > Ascetic
Occupation: Assassin (Queen's Assassins)
City: Reluir
Allegiance: Reluir

Dutiful | Loyal | Honorable | Disciplined | Vigilant | Stern | Rigid | Amoral | Spiritual | Private

Having survived as an assassin for more than a century, Vale's skills are superbly honed to deliver deadly strikes with great efficiency in order to dispose of his marks. Among his peers, Vale is known for his serious and stern nature, rightly earning him their respect, despite his appearance. A somewhat distanced person, Vale only has a few people he could really trust and is wary of the dangers a romantic relationship could pose within the assassins. As such he has steered clear of such involvement, as it has gotten in the way of his work in the past. 

Growing up abhorring criminals and bandits alike, Vale does his utmost to uphold Relan beliefs and law believing himself an instrument crafted for the purpose of serving Reluir and her Queen. While Vale is under no illusion that his work is by any means clean, he truly believes that there is a certain level of order that must be maintained within society, regardless of the methods and moral implications. Despite this contradiction, Vale is very well aware of his role and responsibility as an assassin, and over the years, he has come to respect the passing of each of his marks, for their deaths bring about meaning to his profession.    

Outside of work, Vale likes to frequent the temple in order to meditate.


Born in a small village situated on the northern outskirts of Relan territory, Vale was the sole survivor of a bandit raid which saw his village razed to the ground when he was only seven years old. The Relan Military, having arrived too late, found only a young boy wandering among the rubbles of his village. Feeling pity for the orphaned boy, the officer in charge opted to bring him along as the company headed back to Reluir, where upon arrival, the boy was then taken to the orphanage . However when asked for his name the boy simply wouldn't answer. Stumped by the boy's silence, the officer in charge decided to name him Calanon.

Life was harsh as an orphan, let alone being one as light haired and light skinned as Calanon. Outside of the confines of the orphanage, the other kids often mocked Calanon for his appearance, which occasionally escalated further to physical harassment. Yet in spite of all the ridicule and abuse, Calanon never once responded in kind.

Five years later, the officer that had left him at the orphanage came by to see how the young boy is doing. Saddened by the other kids' mistreatment of the boy, the officer approached young Calanon, formally introducing himself as Rinion, Patriarch of House Orvayle. He then offered Calanon a place in his household as a retainer to House Orvayle--- an offer to which the boy nodded to.    

Things were finally looking up as Rinion began mentoring Calanon in the ways of combat; initially done so that Calanon could better fend for himself in the future, Rinion saw further potential in the lad and set about training him alongside his son, Isaer. While Isaer was originally apprehensive of Calanon's presence, deeming him unworthy of his father's attention, he came to respect Calanon as both a friend and rival as they sparred together over the years. 

Calanon, ever thankful of Rinion's tutelage and guidance, sought to join the Relan City Guards upon turning twenty. Rinion, proud of the honorable man Calanon has grown into, wanted to bestow upon him an official recommendation; however the young man refused, eager to carve his own path through his abilities alone. Admiring Calanon's resolve, Rinion bestowed upon him a new name, worthy of the young man's strength of spirit--- Valardan Orvir, of House Orvayle. 

After being accepted in the Relan City Guards, Vale became part of the law enforcement squad, seeking to eradicate crime within Relan territory. Despite Vale's exceptional efficiency, prejudiced superiors still loomed over him, crediting others for the work that Vale achieved. Trouble emerged however during his 10th year as an officer of the law, as he uncovered a plot against the Crown. Having gathered the evidence required to convict the conspirator, Vale immediately took it to his superior, only for it to be brushed off as insufficient and false. When Vale pushed the agenda at a later date his superior had him taken off duty. Frustrated at his inability to bring justice to light, he continued his own private investigation into the matter.

Amidst the investigation Vale was approached by a hooded figure who urged Vale to follow him, claiming to have fool-proof evidence that could put the ringleaders away for life. Though very much suspicious of the hooded figure, Vale could not pass up on the opportunity of a possible lead. Arriving at an abandoned house, the hooded figure gestured Vale to head on inside; what he witnessed came as a shock as the suspected conspirator and his superior were both in collusion. Angered, Vale stepped out of the shadows to confront both men. Though at first dismissive of any accusations, a fight ensued when the two men brandished their blades at Vale. However, the fight came to an abrupt end as two daggers flew across the room, permanently silencing both conspirators. From the shadows came the hooded figure, who promptly introduced himself as a member of the Queen's Assassins. He went on explaining that they've been looking into Vale's superior for some time, noting Vale's own investigation into the matter before finally extending an invitation to Vale to join the assassins. Though initially hesitant of the assassin's methods, Vale thought of how powerless he was in the face of corruption. Intent on upholding justice, he accepted the invitation.

Additional info: 
- Is less prejudiced towards other races; understands the Relan dark elves' racial elitism very well as he himself have been held with contempt by his own kin. 
- Was illiterate until he was taken in by Rinion Orvayle.
- Has no recollection of his birth name.
- The name Calanon means 'One With Light', referring to his platinum hair and light skin (for a dark elf).
- The name Valardan means 'Arbiter of Darkness'.
- His fighting style is a combination of Pencak Silat, Ninjutsu and Eskrima, courtesy of Rinion's tutelage within House Orvayle.
- Is proficient in a number of weapons, though prefers an open hand style of combat, utilizing his internal energy to great effect.
- Mostly dons a hooded cloak over the top when traveling.
- Has a personal creed based on his interpretation of the virtues that embody Atros, upon which he meditates:

        Death, within all things are equally silent.
        Silence, for in it lies contemplation.
        Introspection, by which inner peace is sought.
        Acceptance, through the acknowledgement of one's sins.
        Mercy, so that one may be forgiven.
        Memory, to honor those Death has taken.

        - Rinion Orvayle (396) - Foster father figure.
        - Isaer Orvayle (185) - Foster brother figure, friend, rival.

RP Preference: Chat > Forum > Google Docs > Skype    
Lone Wendy by ae-rie
Lone Wendy
Novel cover illustration commission~
Thank you to everyone that wished me a happy birthday, I'm truly grateful to you guys for watching :iconimcryingsomuchplz:

Unfortunately I'm currently unable to use my laptop as it has been sent for repairs and as of now I'm writing this from my phone, I promise I'll thank you all personally once I'm able to resume activities :iconrlytearplz:


Artist | Professional | Digital Art

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