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AA: A Gambit Among Friends by ae-rie
AA: A Gambit Among Friends

"You are expecting us to give up our supplies just like 

The shock on the middle-aged man's grizzled face darkened into a look of disgust as he crossed his arms and leaned back into the shadows, as if they could conceal his thoughts from the audience with whom he shared the room while he struggled to comprehend the plan laid out before him. The scar which ran from the corner of his mouth to his jaw made him appear extra aggravated as it twisted his frown into a deep, unforgiving scowl. The way he held himself and the stiffness in his broad shoulders spoke even more plainly of his contempt for what must have seemed to be a ludicrous plot: to give up a valued cache of supplies in return for potential information that he would have to then blindly trust. Guen watched his display with cool amusement, her own face a calm mask void of emotions as she waited for him to speak again as she remained quite still - men like him were never finished talking until they decided they were done. She wondered, briefly, if he would treat her differently if she were a man, but then tucked the thought away quickly. After all, the admiral was a man who had spent all of his life hunting pirates, and he would probably be hardpressed to see her - and her friends - as something more. As expected, after a few seconds spent fuming in silence, he growled and slammed a fist into the table, his dark eyes glittering with fury as his other hand tightly gripped the hilt of his sword. "The pirates dare to burn and loot a village with insolence - one that was near your land, may I remind you, Baronesa - and you ask us to give them more? The punishment for such treason is death!"

How could such a short-sighted, temperamental man make it so far? 

She had heard about him before, the famed Admiral Pyke who guarded Amedra's seas. She had made it her business to learn about him when she had thought that it would be in her interest to become his friend (a notion which was quickly dismissed). It still amazed her how much he had in common with the cannonballs of which he was so fond launching from his ships - explosive, for sure, and so incredibly dense. The corners of her lips almost twitched at this thought, but she reminded herself it would be cruel to not commend the man at least for his prowess in battle. If nothing else, the respect he commanded from others was to be acknowledged, even if he had not quite earned it yet from the Corsairs - her Corsairs, at least. Even if she had been blind as a bat, however, it was easy to see that he did not have the same comfort in this council meeting as he did commanding his men at sea. Briefly, her gaze flickered to the two council members who were seated off to his side, dressed in lavish clothes and sipping at their cooled tea. Unlike the Admiral, they were practiced political animals - their faces were as blank as hers, though their gazes were expectant as they met her eyes. The heavy implications of the admiral's words were not missed, and if she had to venture a guess, they shared his sentiments - they would not want to risk further betrayal. 

"The Admiral has a point, Baroness. Please... I would like to hear more about your plan." Lord Ezra, the younger of the two councilmen, suddenly spoke up in a gentle tone. "I understand that you want to create an opportunity to plant your friends as spies amongst the pirates...?" His words fading into silence, his pale eyes lingered on Guen and her retinue assembled before him - Naila, Noel, and Judah, who all glowered back at him with a less than pleased expression on their faces. "Please pardon me for saying so, but they don't look much like spies. I'm sure they are capable soldiers, but..."

"That's why we are giving them the supplies - earn their trust. We are not going to just hand everything over," Guen began, but then held her tongue as Naila leaned forward to stare down at Lord Ezra. 

"Listen, Your Grace, the pirates aren't bloody idiots, y'hear? You people can drag this out - but it will only hurt Amedra. More villages sacked while you try to protect your stinking pride instead of asking for help -" 

"We are here for our lady," Noel calmly interrupted Naila with a half-smile at the young lord as Guen put a hand on her friend's shoulder, sensing that the admiral's inclination for cooperation - if he even had any to start with - might be already fraying. "It doesn't bode well for us when the Court is considering revoking its protection for our friends. If you have no trust in our loyalty, at least trust in our desperation. We have no home to return to - Amedra is our home now, whatever our past may be." 

The two councilmen exchanged uneasy looks at Noel's words - indeed, it was the Corsairs' past which had worried them. In their eyes, they had been so easily bought by Miras - loyalty seemed cheap. The weight of their decision was not something they could fully understand. In their eyes, it would only take a matter of time before all of them turned on Amedra - nature would take its course, and thieves will always be thieves. 

"We don't mean to belittle what has happened - there will be consequences, for sure. But it's out of respect for Amedra and our people that I am proposing this." Speaking with some emphasis, Guen began again in an attempt to reassure the Amedrans. "Supplies in exchange to capture the pirates once and for all. Naila's old captain wants her back on his ship, for her formidable skills of course, but also for what she knows through me." Smiling sweetly now at the hesitating councilmen and the admiral, Guen gave Naila a gentle pat on her shoulder before letting her hand fall back to her side. "You may not think it, but I have people that I need to protect too - the folks in Auraen, but also the Corsairs who ..."

"Have yet to turn on you?" Unimpressed and unconvinced, the Admiral shook his head. "The plan's foolish - you think just because they get fed information about one cache of supplies, they would start trusting your girl?"

"No, the Corsairs who have remained loyal to Amedra." Unwilling to let his insults pass idly by, Guen quickly corrected the Admiral with a stern look. "Please don't insult them - or me - to say that we don't care about Amedra as much as you, if not more so. Noel's right - this is our home now. There is considerably much more at stake for us, which is why... the plan is not just about feeding information, but I will be there in person to protect it when the Black Hound comes. I'm sure Naila's old captain will be pleased to have a go at me, all things considered." Her tone remained cheerful as she looked back and forth between the councilmen and the admiral, waiting to see their response. From the corner of her eyes she thought she could see an even deeper frown forming on Judah's face - this particular part of the plan was not something they had discussed with him. As expected, however, the royal guard remained quiet - after all, he was only here to offer reassurance from the Miras court that Guen and those who remain in her service could be trusted. For a moment, Guen paused to think that it was a pity, really, that the Admiral could not be swayed as easily as Judah, considering they were both ... well, not exactly the amicable sort. 

"So you say you will take personal responsibility?" The Councilman who had remained quiet - Lord Barund - spoke up in his deep voice, a single brow raised in skepticism as he stared at Naila and then Guen.

"Get Naila in - that's all we need, and then we can end the piracy problem. Or at least, this particular piracy problem." Sensing that Naila was about to say something less than acceptable given their company, Guen responded quickly in a tone filled with confidence. "I understand I am somewhat responsible for the Corsairs, which is why I have offered to be so heavily involved. I'm not sure if there is more that I can do - less you truly prefer my head served up in their stead on a platter, which I would prefer to avoid, for reasons that I'm sure you can understand." Letting her lighthearted laugh fade after a few seconds, Guen looked at each of the Councilmen and then the Admiral in turn with a crooked smile. "So tell me, kind sirs, what will you have me do? Just keep in mind that I wouldn't be here if I didn't think Naila could get the job done." 

"You joke, but the city will be looking for someone to blame if this doesn't end well. One attack is enough already to start the rumors about whose head will roll, as you should know." Mirroring Guen's smile with a grin of his own, Ezra leaned against the table and poked at the figures placed on the map. "I suppose what we discuss here will not leave the room, to protect your friend's identity. Which means..."

"The navy will continue its routine patrols along the coast, and engage in combat as each fleet's commander sees fit. Cannonballs don't exactly have eyes, girlie." Stiffly, Admiral Pyke jabbed a calloused finger down on the map and traced a route along the coastline until he paused near a small town labeled Aleport, eyes lingering on the two lords. When the two gave him a slight nod of their heads, he continued speaking grudgingly. "If you want it to make it real - engage here. Create a diversion - the nearby fleets will answer the call for aid, which means the cache itself near Auraen will be less protected. And then it will be up to you, whatever you decide to do. If you betray us..."  

Letting his unspoken threat hang in the air, the Admiral straightened and stared at the ex-pirates in turn. They returned his gaze unflinchingly. Guen offered him a smile, though her eyes remained quite steely as she raised her cup. "Please, Admiral Pyke, we are all friends here... no need to suggest that kind of behavior, though as people who are fairly... acquainted with engagements at sea, let's just say that we understand the risks. Shall we have a toast, for Amedra?" 

"For your sake, I hope this goes well." Lord Ezra sighed as he raised his cup. "I could use some peace and quiet when this fiasco is all over."

"We will need to discuss some more details and logistics with Admiral Pyke, but trust that you will have your peace and quiet soon, Lord Ezra. To Amedra, and her most loyal protectors!" Draining what remained of her drink in one go amidst a chorus of toasts, Guen sighed inwardly with regret as she gently placed her cup to the side - a pity that it wasn't something stronger. Their last drink together - Naila, Noel, Judah, Sarah, and her - at the Beached Whale felt like a lifetime ago. For a moment, she couldn't help but to wonder if this had been the right choice, but shook her head clear of doubt as she gestured for Admiral Pyke to come closer so they could discuss some of the finer details for their operation.

There would be no turning back now. 


Sketchy ert by me
10/10 Narrative by :iconfaithom:
AA: Cragmaw and Kralspitzer by ae-rie
AA: Cragmaw and Kralspitzer
The dragon & wyvern I designed for an event~ I quite like them, hopefully I'll get to design more for the group--- they're also not to scale in this picture as the one on the left is much bigger than the one on the right
Critical Role: Vex'ahlia by ae-rie
Critical Role: Vex'ahlia
"My arrows bring all the boys to the yard" --- Laura Bailey

"GIT GUD" --- Richard Williams 8292, Year of Souls
Piece for the Beacon of Light event---- drawing our frontlines + Esther with the boss defensive magic against Mother Cragmaw :iconrlytearplz:
I wanted to draw others too but I figured these people would be pretty good for frontliners (Plus Cathal did do a shit ton of damage~)

Shuran (c) :iconvampire-chicken:
Ilyas (c) :iconskyggedal:
Esther (c) :iconundercurrent-32:
Cathal (c) :iconleprapotilas: 
Henrietta (c) :icontakatsuya:
Thank you so much to everyone that has followed me, I know I haven't always been active but I'll try my best to keep posting new stuff! Thanks again! :iconrlytearplz:


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