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The Dragonrider by ae-rie
The Dragonrider
Another character concept! This time it's a wood elf lady that tames dragons :iconrlyplz: 
I delayed finishing this pic for way too long :iconrlytearplz:

EDIT: Made the drakeling a little bit bigger~
RWBY: Red Like Roses by ae-rie
RWBY: Red Like Roses
Red like roses fills my dreams and brings me to the place you rest 

A really quick fanart of Ruby Rose from RWBY --- I really did enjoy Monty's works thinking back from when I was still in high school with works such as Haloid, and the very first Dead Fantasy :icondeadbodyplz: - R.I.P. Monty :iconimcryingsomuchplz: 
AA: Nathan Wulfram by ae-rie
AA: Nathan Wulfram

Name: Nathan "Nate" Wulfram
Age: 22
Birthday: Sunday, Day 29 of the Month of Gifts, Year of Souls (8268)
   Standard Zodiac: Lucernae the Lantern Bearer
   Song-Lu Zodiac: Day 7 of the Month of the Silk Worm, Year of the Incandescent Perfume Snake
   True Animal: Cormorant
   Secret Animal: Falcon
Gender: Male
Height: 6'1"½ (Because every little bit counts) | 186cm 
Race: Human
Marital Status: Single
Orientation: Heterosexual
Romantic Preferences: Humans, elves, half-elves

Class: Scout > Gunner
Occupation: Koben Military (Army)
City: Koben
Allegiance: Koben Empire


Confident, laid-back and carefree yet with a somewhat reckless streak, Nate tends to find ways to make things work with as little effort exerted as possible. Not particularly fond of the idea of hard-labor, he enjoys spending most of his spare time leisurely and in good company. An amiable fellow on the outset, Nate does not shy away from meeting new people - especially women and those among the upper class, or the combination of both - thus often finding himself in precarious positions. He is impulsive and highly competitive and above all never backs down from any assumed challenges, unabashed by the situation it often leads into. 

Born of noble lineage, Nate takes pride in his family's military background though he would never openly admit this lest he invite unnecessary expectations from the people he's closest to. Accustomed with the 'game' among aristocracy, he's grown into a confident public speaker and enjoys the spotlight every so often - provided there's reason enough, which, more than likely pertains members of the opposite sex. Despite this seemingly frivolous lifestyle, Nate greatly aspires to leave a mark upon his family name's legacy.                  


Born second son to a noble line of knights with notable military prestige, Nate has never had much imposed upon him as most of the responsibilities had already been shouldered by the first son and immediate heir to the Wulframs. In spite of this, Nate was still a 'man of the Wulfram family' and was thus trained by his father in the ways of both swordfighting and marksmanship; showing a rather promising aptitude in both. Nate's father, having observed his son's affinity with the sword and firearm soon started focusing on nurturing boy's potential as a future Imperial Guard. 

While initially quite fond of the attention given to him by his father, he was vexed by the constant comparisons made between him and his brother, with the elder being lauded for everything that Nate seemed to lack. Soon Nate found traning to be a bore, unneeded - for what reason did he have to even try he thought. 

Over the years, Nate would find ways to forgo parts of his training; leisurely sneaking off to play with his friends whenever possible. Tired of Nate's truancy, his father ultimately gave up on instilling any semblance of responsibility upon the boy. Left to his own devices, Nate was ecstatic at the prospect of being granted the freedom to do as he wishes. However as time went on, he saw his father's growing disappointment - or perhaps it was his own conscience gnawing at him for his own behaviour. It wasn't that Nate particularly disliked his father's training, infact, he admired both his father and brother and was proud of his family's military history. 

Not wanting to be left behind by his brother as well as childhood friends of similar background, Nate competitive resolve burned as he approached his father - demanding to be enrolled into the military academy. Surprised by this turnaround his father immediately agreed - upon the conditions that Nate also resumes his father's personal training. During his days at the academy Nate honed his skills as a rifleman and immediately enlisted into the Koben army following his graduation, immediately gaining the rank of Corporal; with the hopes of one day joining the ranks of the Imperial Guards. 

Still, despite all the fancy talk of joining the Imperial Guards - Nate's rather complacent attitude and penchant for getting himself into trouble (in multiple ways) will more than likely continue to be of constant hindrance in his vocational endeavours.


- Focused on his firearms training in favor of the sword after being humiliated by a childhood friend of his, though he retains the basic sword training taught by his father. 
- Plays the saxophone as a way to impress the ladies; being the relatively new and hip instrument in Koben.
- Named his own rifle 'Lucille'.


Benedikt Wulfram - Nate's father. They don't always see eye to eye but they're on reasonably good terms as of late. He tends to overlook Nate's mischief for the most part -- perhaps drawing similarities to his younger self.

Eleanor "Elie" Wulfram (nee Zimmermann) - Nate's mother. 

Ethan Wulfram - Nate's older brother. The two were never too close as siblings as the elder tends to distance himself emotionally from everyone else in the family, despite being directly in line to succeed the family.

Richard Williams - Childhood homeboy. Nate's closest friend and perhaps more of a brother to him than Ethan. A level-headed young man, he is (most of the time) the voice of reason and counterbalance to Nate's impulsive behaviour --- getting Nate out of innumerate hairy situations.

Henrietta Rolf Nielsen - Childhood friend(?). The sole-reason for Nate giving up on the sword in favor of firearms. Other than that, they're on good terms granted she's put up with Nate's shit for a number of years.

Klaus Zimmermann - A younger cousin from his mother's side, Klaus seemingly looks up to Nate as an older brother figure and a person to model after. Quite fond of the lad, Nate is generous with his ripe 'advice' regarding women and just about everything else there is to know about the world (according to Nate).

Elise Zimmermann - Another cousin and Klaus' younger sister. On top of her judging eyes, Elise seems to make it a point of hers to always whack at Nate with her fancy hats --- much to her chagrin as Nate remains unfazed by her actions - even finding it rather charming of her to do so tirelessly.

Vienna Zimmermann - The middle sibling of the other two cousins. Although Nate rarely converses with her, Vienna can usually seen beside Klaus and Elise; her open smile, juxtaposed by the constant bickering of the other two is an ever so amusing spectacle for Nate. 

RP REFERENCE: Skype, docs, forum
Thank you so much to everyone that has followed me, I know I haven't always been active but I'll try my best to keep posting new stuff! Thanks again! :iconrlytearplz:
The Marksman by ae-rie
The Marksman
RITO GAMES would be so proud of me for the title--- :iconhithitplz:

But yes, finally finished Nate's fullbody shot, he's an old OC that's recycled for AA-- except this time he's not an ossan. WELP TIME TO WORK ON THE WRITTEN APP~ 
Thank you so much to everyone that has followed me, I know I haven't always been active but I'll try my best to keep posting new stuff! Thanks again! :iconrlytearplz:


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